asicseer logocurrent ASICseer version is 1.0.3-47e7
0/0farm running at NaN% blade 0total kilowatts of all asics kw 0

True Hash Pool Comparison
(hash without ASICseer fee)
  • nan th 01-hour average
  • nan th 03-hour average
  • nan th 24-hour average

minerhashup bladesblades up asics asicswattswatts/asichash/bladehash/asic
th | 0% H+ | NAN eff | NaN% rej
0/0 asic 00average temperature of farm °C may 25 2019 11:52:12 utc
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VASICseer version running on asicBlive asic blades / detected asic blades, click to get historical graph (shows active blades like [|], color coded to blade health)asicidid of ASIC, used as hostname, hover over for more info (click on any asicid to copy to clipboard)aailment, condition, event that affects asic, hover over for more infoloclocation of asic, works as 'worker name' if assignedipasic ip address, hover over to see local pool infoadminasic local administrative interfacespelapsed time since asic lasted pinged your stats panel (last reachable)melapsed time since miner has started on asic (running miner)upelapsed time since asic booted (asic uptime), click to get historical graphnelapsed time since ASICseer last updated/installed on this asic. If "autoupdate yes", each asic determines its own daily check timeiseconds ago since network was (re)activated, useful for unplugging/replugging ethernet to order asics for "assign workers" functionalityrtx10 minute average of kbps received/sent by asic (may indicate compromise if value is very high and asic port is open)Htotal asic hashrateH+percentage of extra hashrate on asicrejpercentage of asic shares rejected by pool (only shows up if miner uptime greater than 25 minutes)effasic efficiency measured in watts per terahash (only shows up if miner uptime greater than 25 minutes)hasheshashrate per asic blade, hover over for more detailed hashratecoreasic blade core clocks (in ghz), hover over to see per-chip hashrates in mhzb temptemperature of asic blades (in C), click to get historical graphvoltsasic blade volts, click to get historical graphwattswatts used per asic over maxwatts setting, click to get historical graphblade wattsasic blade estimated watts (rounded to even numbers), click to get historical graphfansasic blade fan rpms (in K-rpm), click to get historical graph